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Anthony Torres

Founder & Practitioner of Your Turn Hypnosis

Anthony is an Honors Graduate of, and former Instructor at HMI, and has been a student of the unconscious mind for 12+ years. He is a truly caring, compassionate, and dedicated Hypnotherapist and Life Coach who is committed to assisting people in their process of personal growth, transformation, and healing.


Beyond all of his training in hypnotherapy, metaphysics and nutrition, Anthony also has a vast understanding and sincere empathy for every reflection of the human condition due in large to the many triumphs through tremendous tragedies and adversity as a child and teenager.


Deemed a prodigy by his peers, Anthony has built a full time 6 year practice primarily through word of mouth referrals. He carefully paces his clients to the success they are capable of achieving. His complete focus and concern for his clients are the inspiration behind the name of his practice, Your Turn Hypnosis.


With over 6,000 sessions and 13,000 hours of clinical experience, Anthony brings a complete briefcase of tools and techniques to his practice for his client’s success. He operates with a combination of clear reason and logic, Excellent listening skills, Kappasinian and other subconscious mind/body behavioral modalities, Diagnostic tools (too many to mention), Therapeutic Imagery, NLP, Three disciplines of Energy Healing and cutting edge nutritional practices/knowledge.


Anthony also is an Angel healer with more than 1000 sessions of experience in this very advanced and unique approach to working with Angels for healing.

As needed, he also applies various forms of divination, handwriting analysis and other forms of diagnostic tools to help better understand his clients and their individual process so that they can more easily attain their goals.


At 21, Anthony dedicated his life to the alternative healing arts and has continuously maintained a hard lined disciplined approach to his studies and advancements in the field. After 17 years of studies and 7 years of professional practice, Anthony is prepared and committed to help you with the changes and growth that you seek.

Anthony Torres Biography

Experience with Hypnotherapy


Anthony brings a complete briefcase of tools and techniques to his practice for his clients. He operates with a combination of logic, Kappasinian behavioral modalities, Therapeutic Imagery, NLP, Tera Mai energy work, and cutting edge nutritional practices.


As needed, he also applies numerology, astrology, handwriting analysis, and other forms of diagnostic tools to help better understand his clients and their individual process.


For several years, Anthony has been an active instructor and teacher for the Tera Mai advanced school of energy work. He has also served for a number of years as an instructor for the preparation of gourmet raw food and meditation.

Hypnotherapy Specialties


  • Fears
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Sports
  • Weight Loss
  • Writers Block

Professional Memberships


  • American Hypnosis Association

Member Since: 2008




  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Motivation Institute

Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy – 818-758-2747

Date Started: 05/13/2008 – Date Graduated: 05/20/2009

Total Hours: 720 – Total Weeks: 52 – Total Years: 1



  • Certified Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapists Union Local

472 – 800 - 778 - 6466

Certification/License Number:


Continuing Education


  • A Course in Miracles – 12 years Teacher/Student, 1998-2010
  • Shinui Living Foods Institute – Master Raw Foods Chef Certification/Internship, 2001-2004
  • Tera Mai School of Healing Arts – Reiki/Seichem Master Instructor/Practitioner, 2002-2010



  • Honors Graduate

HMI Honor Roll Society – 05/20/200


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