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What to expect in your first Hypnotherapy Session at Your Turn Hypnosis

Steps to the first Hypnotherapy session


The typical client who comes to see me is a functional person who wants to change or improve something in their life, but hasn’t been able to create that change on their own.


Upon arriving at my office I will great you with intake forms which can be downloaded in advance here.


Once we have all of your paperwork taken care of I will escort you to my hypnotherapy office and we will spend around 30 minutes or more discussing your presenting issue. I will also take some time and explore your history revolving around the presenting issue so that we can understand what exactly is connected to or causing the problem.


This allows me to begin to explain to you from a subconscious stand point what is at the root of your presenting issue. From here we create a strategy for change, growth and moving forward. Some of the strategy will have to do with the approach we will be able to take while using hypnosis and some of that strategy will be designed for at home applications which will support your success.


Next I will be explaining to you what the state of hypnosis is and the science of how it works to help you. We will take time and talk about the mind and all the levels of the mind and begin to explore how problems are created from a subconscious mind standpoint. This will allow me to show you how hypnosis and using hypnotherapy to create new patterns in the subconscious mind works.


After we discuss the explanation of the areas of the mind we will take some time and work together to discover your suggestibility (how you learn subconsciously), this will let me know if you are more right or left brained dominant in how your subconscious is most suggestable to taking in new information.


We will follow with some simple mind/body connection preparation exercises. This allows us to transition over into the peaceful state of hypnosis. Using Hypnotherapy tools and techniques we will work with the aspects of your mind which allow the state of hypnosis to occur easily.


Once you are in the state of hypnosis I will be guiding you through what are called deepening relaxation techniques so that your mind/body connection is in the optimal place of receptivity and relaxation. Positive suggestions, tailored in a way unique to your suggestibility, will be given to you while in this very pleasant state of relaxation and receptivity. These suggestions come in the manner of visualization techniques, emotional techniques and verbal suggestions which all help to create new ways of thinking, feeling, looking at and approaching the issue at hand we are changing.


Once you come out of hypnosis we will talk briefly on some reminders about your after session daily practices and get your next session scheduled.

Over the subsequent weeks we will evaluate your growth and the process of change while adding reinforcements with repetition and as well by adding new layers of positive suggestions and processes.

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