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How many sessions does it take to see results

The amount of sessions required to see optimal results will vary from client to client. One of the primary factors that ensure the quickest possible results is having a deep self-developed internal motivation for the change you are seeking. That is by far the most important factor outside of the competency of the Hypnotherapist. When clients come in clear, ready, cooperative and motivated it makes me super enthused to work with you and the process moves forward with significant results very efficiently.


Clients who come in out of (1) “curiosity” or (2) who come in because their parents, friends or significant other want them to come in usually don’t have the highest rate of complete maximum success. It’s also a drag for me and very uninspiring. I don’t really enjoy having to convince a client why the change others want for them is something they should be really ready for. Needless to say at this point of my career I will pass on working with both types of clients.

It is recommended that with any presenting issue that I work my clients from 3 to 6 sessions. Although often times once we get some solid progress on the reasons the client have come in often they want to address other areas and issues thus extending the time we work together. I have had many clients who have seen little to 0 results working with traditional forms of therapy and their issues were like a laundry list and had stacked up, one issue spilling into the next. With clearance from their primary therapist I proceed to help them and many of them I work with for extended amounts of times with the ability to address many issues in that time period of working together.


I want you to know as a prospective client that you will have a hypnotherapist in me who is beyond dedicated to your results and I truly care! I am very generous with my time and I will give you 100% and more. The speed at which clients see results working with me is typically accelerated due to the fact that I have always, in my 6 years of full time practice, done hour and a half to two hour hypnotherapy sessions. That is my professional prerogative and it allows me to work very thoroughly with my clients towards serious measurable results.


With me as your Hypnotherapist you will get 20,000 hours of clinical experience, authentic care, cutting edge professional hypnotherapeutic tools and techniques and most of all RESULTS! Especially if you want the results!


I’d be honored to help you move forward, I will be committed to your success as you are!


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